About the Foundation

Created by young people for young people

Dolnośląska Fundacja Wspierania Młodzieży is a foundation created by young people, focused on search problems affecting the young generation and solving them in a way most suitable for them corresponding. The young age of the founders of the foundation allows us to look at the difficulties of young people from a different perspective, close to the one with which they look at the present world. At the same time, the experience gained during the studies makes it possible to identify methods that have so far been unavailable to current primary and middle school students.

“We want to use our young age to understand the real problems of young people and use the knowledge and experience gained during studies to help them solve them.”

Jakub Wolak – President of the Foundation’s Management Board

Our goal

We create solutions that young people expect

Dolnośląska Fundacja Wspierania Młodzieży was established in January 2020 to help solve the problems of young people in cooperation with local and national organizations, and thus permanently change the world for this and future generations.

To listen and always understand young people, to help in an adequate way, in the areas where this help is most needed, and thus to make the most effective use of the potential of people who want to help.

We want to act in order to support young people with our actions, allowing them to find and implement their goals and intentions.

Always act with young people in mind, allowing them to develop their interests and passions in the best possible way.